Technical Services Overview

Physical and Electronic Security Measures

Maintenance of New and Existing Security Measures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

FBIS International Technical Services provides a complete range of electronic and physical security measures and solutions, maintenance of new and existing security measures, and technical surveillance countermeasures on a national basis.

FBIS frequently works with clients to address specific issues through the provision of customised technical solutions.  FBIS is not allied with any specific equipment manufacturer or provider.  FBIS acquires its systems and components from providers who have proven products and a capacity to deliver, as required, in order to meet installation objectives.

Unless specifically directed by a client, or there is a particular installation requirement, FBIS prefers to utilise non-proprietary hardware and software that has high Australian market penetration with demonstrated technical support from local distributors approved by the manufacturer.

FBIS seeks to work with clients to develop cost effective options for the deployment of security solutions that maximises the commercial interests of the client and minimises the potential exposure to operational and security risk.  FBIS can offer alternative contractual models, lease or rental options for equipment.


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Technical Services
FBIS can supply, install and maintain the latest in electronic and physical security measures,
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