Issues Management Overview





FBIS International Issues Management provides security-related advice and strategies to clients who are attempting to manage aberrant human behaviours. This includes investigations regarding theft, fraud, incidents of criminal and otherwise inappropriate behaviours, and, breaches of company policy.  Where appropriate, FBIS also provides and manages related services such as forensic computer analysis and document analysis.

In the life of any business or organisation there are periods of extreme stress that may endanger the very existence of the entity. FBIS’s unique behavioural based approach to developing solutions to minimise your risk during one of these periods is internationally recognised and acknowledged.

FBIS will assist you in planning prior to an event to reduce the risk, assist you through the event, or alternatively react immediately, anytime, anywhere if the unexpected occurs.

Issues include:

  • Corporate fraud and theft. 
  • Illegal and inappropriate behaviours.
  • Brand contamination.
  • Business continuity.
  • Change management strategies.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Crisis management coordination.
  • Employee sanction and dismissal.
  • Executive profiling.
  • Assisting with statutory compliance to warrants and orders.
  • Law enforcement, emergency services and justice liaison.
  • Media and public relations management.
  • Mitigation of liabilities.
  • Product contamination.
  • Tactical and strategic intelligence research and analysis.
  • Behavioural analysis which may include analysis of threatening or otherwise inappropriate communications.
  • Litigation support.
Issues Management
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