FBIS investigators provide the expertise and resources to investigate corporate, white-collar and computer-based offences as well as physical theft, when law enforcement authorities are unable to provide satisfactory resources or where a degree of confidentiality is deemed necessary.

FBIS investigators all have advanced education and training, supported by high-level experience in law enforcement. They have carried out successful investigations in a variety of environments ranging from confidential executive offence investigations through to major equipment thefts in remote and hostile environments. They follow proven methodologies.

Key Benefits:

  1. Non-intrusive investigations.
  2. Unique blend of skills & experience.
  3. Confidentiality.
  4. International capabilities and experience.
  5. Driven by satisfactory customer solutions.

Investigative Capabilities:

  1. Theft & fraud at all levels of an organisation.
  2. Threat assessment & mitigation.
  3. Forensic examination of fire and explosive damage.
  4. Accident reconstruction and investigation.
  5. Sexual misconduct.
  6. Corporate surveillance.
  7. Suspicious incidents.
  8. Personnel screening & probity checks.
  9. Workplace violence.

Due Diligence and Probity 
For clients involved in major investment, merger/acquisition, privatisation or major capital expenditure decisions, FBIS offers probity investigations of the people involved, as well as professional Due Diligence examination of the target entity. Our clients include individuals, companies, organisations, Local, State and Federal governments and regulatory authorities.

Traditional Due Diligence processes only examine business records. This ignores the personal probity, business relationships, directorships, investments, personal associations and relationships, of key personnel, leaving the undisclosed risk of unethical behaviour by key people or their associates.

FBIS can organise and conduct the Due Diligence process for an entity or be retained by an internal audit or compliance Committee for specialised investigative services.

Issues Management
FBIS International can protect your investment in personnel and infrastructure.
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Technical Services
FBIS can supply, install and maintain the latest in electronic and physical security measures,
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