Protective Services Overview

Provision and Management of Manpower

Event Management

FBIS International Protective Services provides security management services to a number of large corporations.  The standards exemplified by the FBIS approach to issues management are maintained in the expansion of the company into the field of human resource provision.  This venture has allowed the issues management services currently provided to our clients to be greatly complemented by a professional, effective and economic security service.

The decision to enter this market was made in response to demands from existing clients for an ongoing, high quality and professional human presence.  FBIS fully understands that our personnel serve to represent our clients, and is cognisant of the fact that FBIS personnel, in the form of uniformed Asset Services Officers, are the first and last impression given to staff and visitors. 

In addition to the provision of Asset Services Officers, FBIS also maintains a capacity to undertake Close Personal Protection [CPP] activities.  The range of CPP requirements for current clients is varied.  It includes escorts of high profile guests, escorts and security planning during times of industrial disputation or other unrest, through to the provision of personnel to co-ordinate and manage the security activities associated with Annual General Meetings or other public events.




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