Provision and Management of Manpower Services

FBIS International Protective Services provides clients with the human, physical and electronic services necessary to successfully protect assets, property and personnel from intrusion, forced entry, violence and theft. FBIS International Protective Services works closely with Government Authorities to ensure the legal rights of clients. As part of its overall service to clients, FBIS has trained guards for emergency call out services.  These experienced and skilled guards are particularly effective during times of civil disorder, crisis, duress and maximum threat.

FBIS International Protective Services is experienced in providing an intelligent, low profile protection service tailored for high profile individuals or groups. Close Personal Protection is offered for round-the-clock protection and security but this is only the visible part of a total commitment to an individual or a group's protection. An important part of this type of protection is planning and logistics, route planning, as well as venue and accommodation security. FBIS works closely with tour organisers, promoters and local authorities to ensure a seamless and secure visit.

Services Provided:

  1. Risk assessment & reduction.
  2. Individual close personal protection.
  3. Route planning.
  4. Securing vehicles, venues and accommodation.
  5. FBIS perimeter guards.

A point of differentiation from others in the security industry is our selection and recruitment process.  Our trained personnel interview candidates at length, in order to establish their employment history and personal philosophies.  If these match with those of FBIS, then the candidate will complete a personality inventory, which involves them providing answers to 567 questions.  The assessment is then analysed by our consultant forensic psychologist and the results evaluated.  Whilst this is not the only tool used in selection, FBIS feels it is an extremely important component of our selection process.  This allows us to make an informed judgement as to the ‘fit’ of the applicant with our clients and ourselves.



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